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Why SOUP is Different

SOUP differs from most micro-grant models because it is collaborative and supports projects at any stage. Additionally, no guidelines are imposed on the prize money. Winners are free to use the award to support their project in any capacity.

Our History

The SOUP model was originally created by InCUBATE, a research group founded in Chicago focused on exploring new approaches to arts funding. Since then over 200 organizations across the world have adopted the model. The most notable of these organizations is Detroit SOUP, which has hosted over 170 dinners, raised over $140,000 for community-oriented projects, and developed the model significantly.

While interning at non-profits in Detroit, a group of undergrads and grads at Duke University witnessed the success of SOUP and thought the model could be similarly successful in the Durham community. The first Durham SOUP was held in April 2019. Durham SOUP has hosted a total of 4 events (2 dinners and 2 virtual) and raised over $5,000 to support entrepreneurs.